Balonlu naylon, halk arasında pıt pıt veya pat pat naylon olarak da bilinir.

 Great cushioning function of bubble wraps serve as an air bag for fragile items.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic packaging material wrapping around the products, especially designed for the purpose of protect fragile items during shipment. The most important feature of this product is air bubbles in the sheets, bubbles provide an excellent shock absorbtion and protection against vibration.

Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic material in general but they can be produced in red, blue and black on request. The patent of bubble wrap belongs to the American Sealed Air.

Areas of Usage

Bubble wrap is perfect for all fragile or damageable products packaging but you can use it wrapping and packaging of any material you want. Its approximate 6-7 mm heights makes it suitable for all sizes. “Anti-static bubble wraps” are especially preferred to protect electronic components from static charging while packaging of electronic products.

Balonlu naylon, hassas eşyaların zarar görmeden taşınması için kullanılır.

 Anti-static bubble wraps especially use in the shipment of electronic items.

Bubble wraps can be used in pacgaging of

  • Glass jars and bottles
  • Paintings
  • Mobile phone, tablet and laptops,
  • Major appliances and TV
  • All kind of belongings that you do not want them to get harmed

Bubble envelop/Mailing envelop includes 10 mm diameter / 4 mm height bubbles which protect documents and other precious despatches against external impacts and helps them to isolate from environmentral factors. Bubble envelopes eliminate costs of tape, staple and glue because its own adhesion force. It is suitable for printing and proper handwriting through its high quality surface. Red safety line on envelop shows the envelop is opened by the last person who returns it. 100% recyclable material.

What Type of Bubble Wrap Should I Prefer?

As Sarcina, we offer different types of bubble wraps according to the size and the weight of your product. Sarcina supplies bubble wraps from 40gr/mto 500gr/m2.

As Sarcina, our primary focus in the sector is “fast delivery”. For that purpose, bubble wraps are prepared in requested amount and size according to your choice of delivery and within the shortest time it is delivered to the  point of arrival.