Plastik ve çelik çemberler, ambalajlarınızı daha kolay bir biçimde taşımanıza, depolamanıza ve müşterilerinize ulaştırmanıza yardımcı olur.

 Plastic and steel strapping increase the efficiency of loading and shipment process.


Sarcina offers you plastic and steel strapping as a great solution for the packaging, shipping and delivering of the product. You can use our polyester strapping, steel strapping, polypropylene strapping, composite strapping and dylastic strapping materials for packaging your product to deliver in safe.

Strapping is a packaging material helps to unitizing and palletizing your packages easily. Mostly made of steel or plastic.

Variations of strapping materials differantiated according to product weight, flexibility, package type, and mode of transport:

  • Polyester Strapping
  • Steel Strapping
  • Composite Strapping
  • Polypropylene Strapping
  • Dylastic Strapping

Polyester Strapping

The strongest strapping type which is using in the shipping of heavy items such as bricks, cobblestones, marbles, ceramics, and granites. Also used in palletizing process of packaged products. You can use polyester strapping with bulky products like white appliances, furnitures, machine parts.

Advantages of polyester strapping

  • High tear strength
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • User friendly material
  • Recyclable and ecologic material
  • Does not damage cargo
  • An economic alternative to steel strapping

Suitable for use in automatic, semi-automatic and manual applications.

Technical Features of Polyester Strapping

12,00*0,603168 N2200
12,00*0,703696 N2000
16,00*0,604224 N1700
16,00*0,705280 N1400
15,50*0,856336 N1400
19,00*0,806688 N1100

Steel Strapping

Oldest and most durable strapping type and useful for shipment of heavy materials.

Despite the fact that it using area is reducing today, it is still a part of construction and painting sectors. Rising demand of plastic and other types of strappings because of its weight and the higher costs compare to the others did not affect its usage in the construction sectors and marble and granits packaging. Tearing and spreading possibility of steel strappings is near zero.

Technical Features of Steel Strapping

13,00*0,50Black & Zinc
16,00*0,50Black & Zinc
19,00*0,60Black & Zinc
32,00*0,80Black & Zinc

Composite Strapping

Composite strapping also known as synthetic steel is produced from polyester yarns and polypropylene flakes. Polyester with high strength gains flexibility after this process.

  • Cannot rust
  • Does not damage your products
  • Fast application
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Strong as steel

Technical Features of Composite Strapping

13380 N1100
16520 N850
19580 N600
25900 N500
321000 N300
352200 N250
Polipropilen çemberler ambalaj sektöründe en fazla kullanılan çemberlerdir.

Polypropylene Strapping

One of the most commonly used strapping type. Generally preferred for light and middle weight materials packaging. Strong, flexiable, lightweight material and suitable for manual and authomatic applications.

Technical Features of Polypropylene Strapping


Dylastic Strapping

Mostly use in the packaging of heap of papers, bundle of newspapers, bundle of tobacco, especially product that needs to be shrink and compress. Dylastic strapping has perfect extension performance and it can save its shape without deforming.

Technical Features of Dylastic Strapping

11*0.512132 NO 4062734 MT
11*0.632633 NO 4062434 MT
11*0.763177 NO 4062134 MT
15*0.603420 NO 4061700 MT
15*0.905130 NO 4061300 MT


Sarcina offers you two typpes of strapping tools: strapping seals and strapping buckles.

Strapping Buckles

Sarcina strapping buckles are suitable for composite strapping, polyester composite, polypropylene strapping. Strapping seals increase your efficiency in loading and shipping process with its tight grip.

Sarcina buckels strapping is available in the measures of 13, 16, 19mm and there are 1.000 units per package.

Strapping Seals

Sarcina strapping seals are suitable for manual strapping tensioner.

Sarcina buckels strapping is available in the measures of 12, 16, 19mm and there are 1.000 units per package.