Palet Streci

Pallet Stretch Wrap

Pallet Stretch Wrap

Pallet stretch wraps are transparent and highly stretchable materials used to bundle and stabilize products on pallet. They are wrapped around items to bound them together for packaging, shipping and storage.

You can use pallet stretch wraps for

  • Packaging
  • Protection
  • Stabilizing items on pallets
Palet streci, paletle sevkiyatı sağlanacak ürünlerin ambalajlarını bir arada tutarak paletin dağılmasını önlemek için kullanılır.

Sarcina pallet stretch wraps reduces your loss or damage during loading and shipping.

Advantages of Pallet Stretch Wraps

  • Flexible
  • High clarity
  • Weather resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Economical material
  • Easy appication
  • Tear resistant
Streç Film

Stretch Film

Types of Pallet Stretch Wraps

Pallet stretch wrap is a highly elastic packaging material that takes the form of your products. Sarcina offers you the best options to wrap your pallets according to the size and weight of your products.

Thickness of pallet wraps according to type and surface of the products:

  • 17 micron stretch film wrap suitable for lightweight and medium sized products
  • 23 micron stretch film wrap suitable for heavy and sharp products

Sarcina produces custom sized pallet wrap stretch to meet your needs and demands. Also Jumbo pallet stretch films are available on 1500 meter or longer on your request.

Manuel pallet stretch are 6 units per package. Prices vary depends on the exchange rate.

Gıda streci; gıdaların tozlanmasını, ıslanmasını, dış hava koşullarından etkilenerek bozulmasını önlemek amacıyla kullanılan bir streç film çeşididir.

Stretch wraps are ideal for protecting foods with their weather and moister resistance feature.


Stretch films are transparent and elastic materials wrapping around foods to protect them from external factors. It is an ideal material to keep your foods hygienic and fresh longer.


Measures of Stretch Films

Sarcina produces stretch films in standart measures for daily usage and jumbo type of stretch wraps for industrial usage. We can produce custom stretch wraps in any width and thickness on your request.

Measures of standart food stretch; thickness 8-9 micron, width 30-45 cm, length 200-250-300 m.

Measures of Jumbo food stretch; thickness 8-9 micron, length 1500-4500-6000 m.

Units per package :

  •  30cm width: 20 units,
  •  45cm width: 16 units