Akrilik, hot-melt- doğal kauçuk ve baskılı-baskısız koli bandı çeşitleri bulunmaktadır.

 Sarcina packing tapes offer you an excellent carton sealing performance.


Packacing tape is a long, straight material consist of plastic and adhesive with the puspose of closing and packing the goods like packages, boxes and envelops. Sarcina suppies high quality carton sealing tapes and ensure your packages are sealed on arrival.

You can use packing tapes in

  • Packaging
  • Shaping
  • Sealing

Types of Packacing Tapes

Hot Melt Adhesive Tape 

Type of carton sealing tapes using the temperature between 10 degress Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius. It is perfect for packaging of irregular shaped materials or rough shipping. It is a very break resistant tape and have a great performance on corrugated boxes.

Standart hot melt packaging tapes produce as brown (tan) or transparent. It is designed for quick and easy application on standart items such as boxes and packages. Hot melt packaging tapes offer quick solutions to possible tearing and puncture problems on package during loading and distribution.

Natural Rubber Packing Tape

Best choice for varying temperatures, it can be used in -20 to 80 degrees Celsius. It can be break off easily so it is suitable for both manuel and machinery usage.

You can use natural rubber packaging tapes with recycled cartons, rough or smooth cartons, cartons with heavy ink coverage, cartons in a dusty or dirty environment, humid conditions.

Acrylic Packing Tapes/Clear Tape

This acrylic based tape is a type of carton sealing tape, proper for usage up to 60 degress Celsius. It has A strong grip adhesive for corrugated boxes and  ideal for long term storage.

It does not shear off easily by hand, so it should be use with a tape dispenser for an ideal application. Acrylic tapes have transparent appearance and excellent clarity.

Custom Printed Tape

In the production phase, logos and company details printed on the tapes with different purposes such as application of a marketing strategy or enhancing the corporate image of the firm. It can be applied on the acrylic or hot melt packing tapes. It is very economic marketing strategy to use.

Sarcina offers Jumbo Packing Tapes for the carton sealing machines.

Standart Measures of Packing Tapes: 45 x 100, 60 x 100, 70 x 100

We can produce and supply packing tapes in requested sizes to meet your exact needs and specifications.

Standart Meaasures of Jumbo Packing Tapes: 45 x 800, 60 x 600

We can produce and supply packing tapes in requested sizes to meet your exact needs and specifications.

Packaging Tape Prices:

45×100 Hot Melt : 4,85 TL

45×100 Acrylic : 3,50 TL

45×100 Natural Rubber : 6,95 TL

45×100 Custom Printed Tape: 5,95 TL

Prices of raw materials and exchange rates affect prices.  


A special type of tape which is coated on both sides with adhesive. Sarcina double sided tape is a perfect choice for your stabilizing and sticking works whether in your office or your home. You can use double sided film tapes or double sided foam tapes in various areas from a painting you want to hang on your wall to immobilize your carpet. Moreover, special outdoor models are suitable for gardens and balcony.

Double sided tapes are suitable for both manuel and automatic application.

Advantages of Double Sided Tapes

Double Sided Tapes differentiated from other tapes with its specially formulated adhesive on both sides. After sticking one of the surfaces and remove the protector on the other side, it is ready to use the second surface. Especially give you an advantage in indoor decorations, plus it is not visible to consumers. Moreover, double sided tapes save you from using screw or nail on the walls.

  • Flexible
  • Easy to rip
  • Nonstaining
  • Easy-to-apply, quick application
  • No need additional equipment

Models of Double Sided Tapes

Sarcina Industrial Packaging Materials offers Double Sided Film Tapes and Double Sided Foam Tapes. Tape slitting machines can cut double sided tape models into custom sizes and shapes to meet customer needs.

Double Sided Foam Tapes

Our double sided foam tapes have high shear strength and long term adhesion. Mostly using in the advertisement sector, indoor decorations. You can stabilize your decorative objects without leaving stain on surfaces.

Köpük Bant

 Foam Tape

Double Sided Film Tapes

Film tapes have high performance on dimentinal stability and shear strength. Especially used in reuniting of leather, fabric, paper, plactic, carton and sponges. Also ideal for stabilizing light weight objects in your office or home.

Maskeleme Bandı

 Masking Tape


Sarcina masking tapes generally use with the purpose of cleaning. When you do not want the place getting dirty when a paint and white wash or car painting process, masking tapes are your solutions. Moisture resistant material, nonstaining and ravel out easily. Especially used in applications where detailing is essential. Architectural and design offices also use masking tapes in a daily basis.