Köşe koruyucu ve köşebentler, ambalajların depolanması ve nakliyesi sırasında zarar görmelerini en aza indirir.

 Edge protectors and corner boards minimize the loss during storing, loading and shipping.


Carton corner boards and polyethylene edge protectors will help you to reduce your possible loss during loading and shipping your product. Angle boards and edge protectors are important parts of safer shipping and storing experience.

Usage of Edge Protectors and Corner Boards

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Major appliances
  • Seramics
  • Food
  • Furniture

Carton Edge Protectors

Minimize possible damage in the edge of packages

Protect the package and product at the same time

The purpose is protect the product until shipment is completed

Advantages of carton edge protectors:

  • Carton edge protectors save the package and product from potential harms during strapping.
  • Light weight material
  • Practical product
  • 100% recyclable
  • Storable
  • Minimum loss with special sizing
  • Hold packages together during palletizing
  • Balances the packages
  • Adjust load distribution
  • Safer storing process
  • Keep packages together on the pallet and prevent them to spoil
  • Economic material
Karton Köşebent

 Carton Edge Protector

Measurements of Carton Edge Protectors

  • Wingspread: 40x40mm , 50x50mm
  • Profile Thickness: 4mm , 5mm
  • Profile Length: 200cm

Prices of Carton Edge Protectors

  • 40x40mm / 4mm / 200 cm carton edge protectors unit price : 1,80 TL
  • 50x50mm / 5mm / 200 cm carton edge protectors unit price  : 2,80 TL

Polyethylene Edge Protectors

Especially used with the purpose of protection of fragile products like furniture, glass and electronic products. Sarcina polyethylene edge protectors are the best packaging materials for protection beacuse of their flexibility.

Advantages of carton edge protectors:

  • Perfect absorption of shock, strike and vibration
  • Easy application with the flexible structure
  • Light weight material
  • Hygienic material
  • Ecologic material
  • Economic

Measurement of Polyethylene Edge Protectors

  • Wingspreas: 50x50mm (L5, U5) , 70x70mm (L7)
  • Profile Length: 200cm

Prices of Polyethylene Edge Protectors

  • L5 : 50x50mm / 200 cm polyethylene edge protectors unit price : 1,50 TL
  • L7 : 70x70mm / 200 cm polyethylene edge protectors unit price : 2,50 TL
  • U5 : 50x50mm / 200 cm polyethylene edge protectors unit price : 3,50 TL

Köşe koruyucu

Corner Boards

Sarcina polyethylene and carton corner boards have high protection performance besides its practical usage . You can use Sarcina corner boards to protect your fragile products particularly glass and furniture parts which can be easily damaged.